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Why is Lord Shiva blue in color

Why is Lord Shiva blue in color?




Why is lord Shiva blue in color is the question that comes to the mind of most people, and if you are also trying to figure out this question, then you are in the right place.

In this post, I have answered why is lord Shiva blue in color?

Shiva elemental god in Hinduism
Lord Shiva is the elemental lord in the Hinduism [Paperback US Amazon] . An interesting aspect is that modern artists often depict him with a blue complexion. So, is it a possibility that Shiva has a blue skin color?

My simple answer is no. He doesn’t have the blue skin color. The more you explore this topic, the reason behind lord Shiva’s blue color will become clear.

Why is Lord Shiva blue?

Lord Shiva possesses an incredibly captivating aura among the Hindu divinities [Ebook Kobo Store]. Everything associated with lord Shiva makes us realize why lord Shiva is so much admired and loved by his devotees. 

They lovingly call him Bholenath because of the overwhelming love and admiration they have for him. Everything about the lord Shiva exudes grandeur and magnificence. 

Especially when you observe lord Shiva’s physical attributes, you realize who indeed lord Shiva is and what is the significance of lord Shiva in Hinduism.

The Vedas depict him as the ideal Purusha, the ultimate alpha male. The sharp muscular physique smeared with cremation ground ashes signifies that the entire world is destroyable, so why do we live a materialistic and mean life?

At the end of everything, lord Shiva has to destroy the entire cosmos, as he is the ultimate destroyer of the darkness

On the other end, he is also the most compassionate one. These two distinct perspectives are part of lord Shiva’s unorthodox lifestyle, which he manages beautifully. But the most noticeable point is lord Shiva is known for his benevolent nature. 

The simplicity and generosity of lord Shiva are the two coolest and most loved aspects of Shiva.

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Santosh Gairola

As a devotee, when you come closer to lord Shiva [paperback Amazon US], the first thing that you realize is lord Shiva is not blue. There is a Sanskrit verse as well that defines that lord Shiva is not blue.

Indeed, the skin tone of lord Shiva is white. Yes, you read it right. Lord Shiva’s actual skin color is white.

कर्पूरगौरं करुणावतारं संसारसारं भुजगेन्द्रहारम्। सदा बसन्तं हृदयारबिन्दे भबं भवानीसहितं नमामि।।

This Sanskrit verse describes that lord Shiva is the ocean of compassion whose aura is white like camphor. The king of snakes, Vasuki, is the necklace of lord Shiva, who makes Shiva’s appearance magnificent in the world. May he reside within our hearts with mother goddess Shakti.

Lord Shiva is truly amazing. He is incredible in every single way. Indeed, he has a dual existence; one of his forms is shapeless but worshipped all over the cosmos as the first cosmic spore.

Lord Shiva’s lingam is the representation of that cosmic spore signifying Hriyangarbha. The other one is the physical form. The physical form of lord Shiva is the highest form of supreme consciousness, accessible to all beings. 

On the other side, the shapeless form of Shiva is accessible only to goddess Shakti and lord Vishnu.

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why lord Shiva is Blue

Many of you may know that in his physical reality, lord Shiva is the greatest Vairagi (dispassionate). Still, he lives an ascetic life with his spouse.

Goddess Parvati is the loving wife of lord Shiva [ Paperback Amazon USA]

She is the mother goddess of energy.

As already mentioned, Shiva loves to smear the cremation ground ashes into his body, which gives the camphor skin color to Shiva, as he is Bhoothnath. Lord Shiva is called by the name of Bhoothnath because he is the owner of five fundamental elements

  1. Air
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Earth
  5. Space

Hence, lord Shiva doesn’t have a blue skin color. Indeed, he has a whitish skin tone. In the cremation ground, lord Shiva smears dead bodies ashes, which is the part of Tantra and helps him to maintain the balance between negative and positive energies.

How did Shiva turn blue?

In Sanatan Dharma, lord Shiva is the ultimate consciousness that is boundless and eternal, having no beginning or end. Lord Shiva first manifested himself through the cosmic roar, embodying his reality as lord Rudra, a fearsome form of Shiva.

To settle his anger, Shiva manifested his calm form, known as Shankara. It is the most peaceful and admired form of lord Shiva, known for living a yogic life on Mount Kailash.

In that way, Rudra and Shankara are both two different facets of physical Shiva. While Rudra is associated with eliminating darkness, and Shiva Shankara is the merciful Neelkantha. 

Okay, let me share with you why lord Shiva is called by the name of Neelkantha.

Now you already know lord Shiva’s entire physical appearance is whitish. Only lord Shiva’s throat stands out with a beautiful blue hue. You must be thinking why lord Shiva’s throat is blue?

Here is your answer: Once upon a time, deities and asuras (demons) jointly churn the cosmic ocean to get precious materials. But before getting anything valuable from the churning, deadly poison came out of it. The poison was so lethal that it started destroying the world with its adverse effect. Immediately, everyone prayed to lord Shiva to save the world from the poison.

To protect the world from cosmic Halahal poison, Shiva bravely drank it. As a result, Shiva’s throat color turned into a gentle shade of blue. Because of his blue throat color, Shiva is called by the name of Neelkantha. Hence, blue color became an important part of lord Shiva’s look. This color is a part of the human chakras.


The throat chakra

Just for the info, we as human beings live in a three-dimensional world. This level of the dimension existence could be enhanced by awakening the Kundalini Yoga Shakti.

When you reach the throat chakra known by the name of Vishuddha chakra; you realize some blue color in the throat, this is the point where you first wake Shiva within. As we know, Shiva is Neelkantha which means the man with a blue throat you start observing a blue color connection with Shiva.

Painting the picture of Shiva in blue is a way for the artist to show respect towards Shiva. One interesting aspect of Sanatan Dharma is the depiction of deities in blue color by artists. Understanding the blue color psychology becomes important here because it has a deep meaning worth grasping.

Blue color affluent color

lord Shiva meditative

The sky and ocean appear blue to us because of their higher dimensional aspects. A blueish shine is an energy field that is around every object. In Shivaism, it is felt that everything embodies Shiva tattva, which encompasses both matter and energy. 

In fact, the Shiva’s Ardhanarishvara form shows Shiva and Shakti together, with goddess Parvati as the manifestation of Shakti. Both collectively are made of dark energy and dark matter.

According to Vedic text, Shiva is the god particle, and his energy dances around him as Rudrani. To maintain the energy flow, Shiva also dances as Natraj. It is recognized as the dance of creation and destruction. Bluish light is emitted because of this process. Hence, blue is the color of infinity and trust. I hope this helps you understand why artists prefer to paint Shiva’s cosmic form in blue color.

As defined above, Shiva is the greatest transformer, thus the blue color in Shiva’s painting represents his overall dynamic personality. The blue color in Shiva’s painting is also the expression of Shiva’s purity and guiltless nature.


In this post, we have shared why lord Shiva is Blue. If you liked the post, please share it on the web. We will be grateful for your kindness.

Keep smiling and stay healthy.

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