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The Benefits of Om Namah Shivaya Chanting:

The best Lord shiva names for baby boy

The best Lord shiva names for a baby boy



Introduction to Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the ocean of the virtues, wisdom, strength, and knowledge and he holds great significance as one of the most powerful deities in Sanatan Dharma. The name Shiva, in fact, signifies the auspicious one. Every quality of Shiva is heart winning.

In the highest form, lord Shiva is a pool of infinite energy who lives in the highest dimension of the cosmos. The more someone reads about lord Shiva, the more he gets attached to the Shaivism.

The truth is lord Shiva’s name sounds captivating for a reason, as he is the destroyer of darkness. Still, Shiva is renowned for his self control and compassionate nature.

Indeed, everyone is familiar with the simplicity and innocence of Shiva. Sages all around the globe are busy in chanting the energetic mantra of Shiva, which is Aum Namah Shivaya.

Parents who want their kids to grow with qualities of almighty Shiva. For them, this post brings the collection of the best Lord Shiva names for the baby boy.

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Santosh Gairola

Lord Shiva names for a baby boy

AchintyahUnthinkable, Beyond comprehension
AdikarahFirst creator
AshutoshThe one who gratified easily
AdiyogeshwarFirst Yogi
AdiThe First one
AdiDevThe First Lord
AdityaSuper incredible
AghoraNot extreme
AkshayagunaGod with limitless attribute
AmitrajitConqueror of his enemies
AnantadrishtaGood with infinite vision
AniketLord of the world
BahubhutahOne who has become many
Bahurupahwho is present in many forms
BalawanStrong, both physically and mentally
BhagavaThe Lord
BhairavaLethal Manifestation of Shiva
BhalanetraLord with a Third eye on his head, the spiritual eye, Ajna Chakra
BhasmabhutahCovers his body with cremation ground ashes
BhavnathThe one who listens to the unspoken words
BhaveshLord of the world
BholenathThe simple one
BhootnathMaster of 5 elementary elements
BhudevaLord of the mother earth
BhujanagabhushanaWho is ornate with the snake
ChalahKeep moving
ChandrashekaraMost handsome one
Chekitanahone with excellent powers of observation
DevadhipatihLord of the Lords
DevarshihDivine sage
DeveshKing of the Lords
DhanadeepaLord of wealth
DhruvahOne who is immovable
Dhyaan YuktamMeditating
DurvasahA resident of a difficult place
GanakartaCreator of the tattvas
GandalihOne who dwells on the hills
GangadharThe one who holds the Holy river Ganga on his matted hairs
GauripatiHusband of the Gauri
GatihThe final goal of every sage
GiriruhahSeated on the mountain of Kailash
GirishaLord of the Mountains
GrijapatiMaster of mountains
GopalihProtector of senses
GuruhUltimate Teacher
HaraRemover of sorrows
Harikesahwhose rays are the senses
HutahShiva’s easy temperament (easy to pleased)
JataMatted hair
JagadishaMaster of the cosmos
JatinInspiring, creative, and intuitive
Kaam bhasmamDestroyer of the eroticism
KailashnathLord of Mount Kailash
MahakalHighest dimension
MrityujayThe conqueror of death
MahadevLord of the Lord (The great Lord)
Nagabhushanathe one who has serpents as ornaments
NatarajaKing of the dancer, the greatest dancer
Neel KanthaMan with blue throat
OmkarFirst vibration
ParvatipatayeHusband of Parvati
Parvati vallbhamDear to goddess Parvati
ParamjyotiEternal fire
PashupatiLord of the Animals
PriyabhaktaFavorite of the devotees
Pushkaraone who gives nourishment
RavilochanaHaving sun as the eye
RudraThe one who roars
SadashivaEverlasting Shiva
Sarvayonisource of everything (Cosmic womb)
ShambhuSource of happiness
Shoolinne who has a trident
ShivaAuspicious one
SukhadaThe one who bestows happiness
TejaswiniOne who spreads illumination
TrilochanaThird eye Lord
UmapatiThe husband of Uma
VaradaThe granter of boons
VisheshSpecial one
Vishnu vallbhaThe one who is Aradhya of Lord Vishnu

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Santosh Gairola

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