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What is the significance of Shiva Lingam

What is the significance of Shiva Lingam?



Lord Shiva is the elemental lord in the Hinduism. He is the infinite supreme transformer of the energies. But the most interesting thing about Lord Shiva is he is shapeless and attributes less in the highest form. 

Shiva Lingam is the sacred symbolic representation of the primordial and formless nature of the almighty

When I say almighty here, I mean the colossal aspect of Lord Shiva. Shivling is the alternate term used for Lingam

Shiva Lingam represents the generative energy at the cosmic level. In this article, I have answered some of the most asked questions about Shiva Lingam.

  • What is Shiva Lingam?
  • The significance of Shiva Lingam
  • Scientific Analysis of Shiva Lingam
  • The composition of the Shiva Lingam
  • Types of Lingam.
  • How to worship Shiva Lingam?

But before answering all these questions. Let me answer what is the significance of Shiva Lingam?

What is Shiva Lingam?

Shiva Lingmm is the sacred symbolic manifestation of Shapeless Shiva. It reveals the elliptical form of supreme consciousness. In fact, it represents lord Shiva as the cosmic egg of the universe. 

Indeed, Shiva Lingam is the primitive state of Lord Shiva, which is known as Hiranyagarbha

The Sanctum of Shiva Lingam is referred to as Garbhagraha, and Shivalaya is the authentic term for Shiva temples.

The significance of Shiva Lingam

The practice of worshipping Shiva Lingam is indeed a holy practice because Shiva Lingam is the manifestation of formless supreme consciousness. Shiva’s Lingam possesses all the world’s virtues and consciousness. The truth is lord Shiva Lingam contains both aspects of existence that involve creation and destruction of the world.

Here are the following benefits of worshipping Shiva Lingam.

  • Worshiping Lingam brings positivity, fortune, money, health, & success.
  • Persons overcome their negativities and weaknesses.
  • Worshipping Shiva Lingam gives strength and inner peace.
  • Worshipping lord Shiva Lingam keeps you on the path of humanity and righteousness.
  • Worshipping Shiva Lingam helps people awaken their Kundalini Shakti. 

The worship of Shiva Lingam extends beyond the boundaries of Hinduism. Devotees worship lord Shiva Lingam with immense faith all around the world. In fact, it is sacred to various cultures across the globe. It is imperative to note that various civilizations worship Lord Shiva in different forms and under different names. For example, Shiva Lingam is regarded as Prayapas by the Romans.

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Scientific Analysis of Shiva Lingam

Scientific Analysis of Shiva Lingam

Understanding the scientific analysis of Shiva Lingam requires knowledge of ancient Bharat (India). Thus, before understanding the scientific analysis of Lingam, we must explore little information about the ancient Vedic era. It might sound unusual, but before the birth of modern science, Vedic Sages 5000+ years ago were aware of the concept of DNA and its double helical structure. On the other end, modern science discovered it in the year 1953. Whereas, sage Sushruta, an ancient Indian Vedic physician and researcher, conducted surgeries on kidneys, hearts, and even the brain way before modern science.

The wondrous thing is these sages received all the knowledge from Lord Shiva. Learning doesn’t stop there. They also learned about the path of meditation, penance, Yoga, and other scientific explorations. These sages concluded that Shiva Lingam contains a quantum structure in its fundamental nature of reality. So they categorized it into three sections.

  1. Neutron = Shiva = Neutral Charge
  2. Proton = Vishnu = Positive Charge
  3. Electron = Brahma = negative Charge

The electron spins around the neutron and proton, whereas the neutron and proton form a nucleus. Lord Brahma is sitting over a lotus flower whose stem emerged from Lord Vishnu’s navel precisely like the electron is connected with the proton.

Meanwhile, a neutron is neutral in charge and doesn’t actively participate in any process but contains immense energy, which can be constructive or destructive. In its contemporary form, Lord Shiva remains passive, like a neutron particle. From the lord Shiva’s physical aspect, this nature is called Vairagya, but as a vairagi, he has limitless strength

Sages Vashishtha described that Lord Shiva unleashes his energy in the form of Rudrani or DurgaThe energy of Shiva is always around him and dancing in the form of Rudrani. That energy is indescribable in the words. In the quantum form, that energy is indeed the energy of the atom which is colossal. 

From the point of modern science, physicists also noticed the same pattern in energy transmission. They found that energy performs a cosmic dance around the nucleus, and if the nucleus splits, an enormous power is released. That is the energy of the lord Shiva.

The composition of the Shiva Lingam

Every Shiva lingam has three significant parts.

  • The base is firmly grounded.
  • The central part is a pedestal portion of the Lingam.
  • A curved section at the top creates an elliptical shape.

The three portions signify Brahma at the bottom, Vishnu in the center, and lord Shiva at the top. The pedestal provides the passage to the water poured over the Lingam. A snake coiled around Lingam represents Kundalini energy, which signifies that Shiva governs the Kundalini Chakras of the individual and provides power to them.

Misconception about Lingam

There are two significant misconceptions about Lingam.
Many people around the world create their interpretations by imagining Shiva Lingam as genital without knowing the reality. They rarely comprehend the great sanctity attached to Lord Shiva Lingam. As previously stated, the Lingam of Shiva symbolizes limitless divine consciousness and should not be viewed in a physical context.

The second most major misconception is ladies cannot worship Lingam. Indeed, everyone is free to worship Lingam, whether they are males or females. According to the prime Sanatan philosophy, the divine element is within everyone. By worshipping Shiva’s Lingam, we are actually worshipping our own physical existence, which emerged from absolute voidness, and Lingam is the physical representation of that voidness.

Different names are used to describe Shiva in his physical state. Bholenath is one of the most loved names of Lord Shiva because it explains the innocence of Lord Shiva. Monday is the day specially dedicated to Lord Shiva. Every Monday, ladies worship Shiva’s Lingam and fast for 16 consecutive days with great devotion, and in return get the grace of Shiva and their wishes get fulfilled. Lord Shiva is the Loving husband of Goddess Shakti, and almost every unmarried girl desires to get married to a man who has the outstanding qualities of Lord Shiva.

Types of Lingam

There are many types of Shivling classified on the various basis. Some can be classified based on who is worshipping them.

Here are 4 Types of Lingam

  1. Daiva (Dev) Shiva Lingam
  2. Daitya Shiva Lingam 
  3. Arsha Shiva Lingam 
  4. Manav Shiva Lingam

1- Daiva (Dev) Shiva Lingam

Only divine beings and demigods, Gandharvas, and Yakshas are allowed to worship Shiva by Daiva Shiva Lingam. The creatures coming from other categories cannot see such a Lingam.

2 – Daitya Shiva Lingam

Demons and distorted creatures are allowed to worship Daitya Shiva Lingam.

3 – Arsha Shiva Lingam

Sages used to worship Arsha Shiva Lingam with complete faith and devotion.

4 – Manav Shiva Lingam

Humans worship Manav Shiva Lingam after Pran Pratista did on them.


Two primary classifications of Lingam.

Humans primarily use two types of Shiva Lingam to worship Lord Shiva.

  • Black Lingam
  • White Lingam

1 Black Shiva Lingam

Worshipping black lingam helps people to centralize Panch Maha bhoots containing five elements which include Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Sky. Worshipping the Black Shiva Lingam helps in activating the inactive Kundalini Shakti. Worshipping Black Shiva Lingam brings you out of human impurities and brings you close to supreme consciousness.

The positive transformation will start appearing in your body, which will set them in the transient phase of your other dimension. To achieve Shiva as her husband; the incarnation of Goddess Shakti, known by the name of Goddess Parvati, used to worship the Black Shiva Lingam.

2 White Marble Shiva Lingam

White Marble Shiva Lingams are beautiful white Lingams used to enhance the human body cycle. It sets you free from your negative energies and brings positive vibes to your mindset. Wearing Rudrashaka beads, meditating near White Marble Shiva Lingam, and chanting Shiva mantras with devotion help overcome the struggles. Other than that, worshipping white Shiva lingam also gives health benefits. It improves blood circulation and activates inactive neurons of your body. Human spines get charged. Heartbeat get stabilizes. Neurological and psychological disorders get cured automatically without spending any penny.

Shiva Lingam resembles the nuclear reactor.

If you observe Shiva Lingam and the nuclear reactor, both will look similar. The top portion of the Lingam and Nuclear reactor are alike. Isn’t it? 

In fact, both look curved from the top. The point is, when someone starts meditation and sits in Mantra Sadhana (A prayer dedicated to the lord) their body aura appears becoming elliptical. 

As they gain power from that practice, their physical body becomes smoother from the top and starts turning to the elliptical. That is the sign of aligning with the supreme power of the universe. It is noticeable that the Nuclear reactor is always near the water bodies. 

Similarly, Shiva Lingam is near rivers, and water bodies. Shiva devotees poured water on Shivling as the coolant. Similar to the coolant needed in the Nuclear reactor.

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